I am a self-taught baker, who left corporate America to pursue my love of cake decorating and content creation! Would it be easy to double this recipe or should I just make a separate batch? On the other hand, if you think your butter might have been too cold or your kitchen is cold, I suggest taking a different approach. It keeps its shape great! It’s at the top of my to do list though, and I will definitely share the recipe once it’s fully tested . Much love from Vancouver ?? Hello!!! Can you add other flavors to this type of icing w/o messing up the consistency? Yes, it’s delicious and I bet it would be wonderful on cookie!! Why do you whip the butter in this buttercream but not your ABC? I’m now looking forward to using this on a layer cake and experimenting with different flavours. Love your work ! And can you still make the cake in advance??? As long as the frosting is completely covering the cake layers, it should lock in all the moisture, and the cake should stay nice and moist . Also… I just love that you’re from Seattle. Hey Chelsea! A real delight. It doesn’t crust the same way american buttercream does, but it will keep its shape at room temp. I’ve never tried adding anything into it before, so honestly I’m not quite sure :/ So sorry I can’t be of more help. Jun 2, 2020 - Try out this homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Buttercream Frosting Recipe. cocoa powder or melted chocolate? I feel like it should, but it is a tiny bit less firm than my usual American buttercream. This doesn’t mean that it’s super soft to the touch. It sounds like your butter might have been too warm. Hope that helps, happy baking! I actually have made a very similar frosting to your american meringue, but I call it faux swiss meringue!! hope that helps, happy baking!! I followed your advice and kept putting it back in the fridge and rewhipping. This silky whipped frosting is so soft it's like eating a cloud. You’ve probably already answered my question after reviewing your response to Annie … but just to make sure … does Russian Buttercream hold it’s form in high humidity? And that’s a great tip, thank you for sharing! Yum! Slowly add in the sweetened condensed milk to prevent the frosting from breaking. In order to try and “save” the frosting to use on anything, I ended up adding A LOT more butter than I ever planned and powered sugar to firm it up. This frosting comes together really easily and starts with a can of sweetened condensed milk to make it extra special. There may be a diff way to incorporate the egg whites, but that’s for later. I made this tonight for my mom’s birthday cake along with your chocolate cake recipe and I LOVE them together! It was a replace situation though. Scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl with a. Stop to scrape the bottom of the bowl a few times. I hope that helps, happy baking Mia!! Anything I can add now to change the flavor without breaking the frosting? I’d love to give this a try! Thank you for introducing this into my life! The flavor was a creamy, milky flavor. This frosting sounds delicious but will it hold well in between layers of stacked cakes? Those are my suggestions to give it a bit more flavor, hope that helps! Is this sweeter than American buttercream? The two ingredients are butter and sweetened condensed milk or dulce de leche. I let cakes sit in the fridge overnight, or for a few days all the time! What if you assemble the entire cake the night before and keep refrigerated until the next day? It’s an insanely simple recipe that really is just butter and sweetened Or will it be too soft? The BEST fluffy and moist Honey Cake Roll that is easier than any cake, filled with scrumptious sweetened condensed milk frosting and topped with hazelnuts for a hint of nutty flavor. Can’t wait to make! hi – I am loving the sound of this Russian buttercream! Some people can taste that greasy feel and the slight medicinal flavor. Hope that helps, happy baking! I think you’d need at least 3 batches though, if not 4 (I like a lot of frosting :P)! I mix them in on a low speed before adding in the sweetened condensed milk. You definitely want to refrigerate them if you make them in advance! That’s totally fair, I could see there being issues with this frosting in warm weather, since it’s consistency is pretty much solely based on the temp of the butter! This sounds so interesting! Thank you for sharing <3, Hi Chelsey!!! Works ALL the time. Could you add a liquid (e.g. I hope it turned out well!! So excited to try this out! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I’m excited to try this! Yay I hope you love it as much as I do!! Heat it up in the microwave for 5 second, then give it a good stir with a rubber spatula. It kind of has a caramel taste from the sweetened condensed milk! Just like I discuss in my blog post, it it seems a little thin or like it’s separating, chill it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes, then try to mix it again. I grabbed 1/2C shortening and whipped it in the stand mixer for a 1 min then I poured the broken runny buttercream into the shortening mixing on low-then medium. (Do this before you turn on the heat.) Was just curious if you have tried this while trialing with icing separating. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a heavy bottomed sauce pan. I support using it a cake filling and not using it to pipe / decorate since it’s so warm where you live , Is this firm enought to use the fancy Russian tip. You can make it chocolate, by swapping out the butter with 2 oz of melted chocolate <3 I’m going to be sharing my full recipe for it soon, along with other flavors!! The first time the buttercream separated but I still used it and the finish looked really grainy. Would this frosting work on a cake that will be refrigerated about 24 hours before serving? Just isn’t pretty lol. haha you’re too sweet! Do you know why that may be? Then I whip it up again, and it usually comes together right away. I usually use salted butter for all my baking,not a fan of unsalted. A random thing I just learned about (actually from the comments on one of my posts) is to add 1/4 cup all purpose flour to each pound of powdered sugar. I love the flavor of this buttercream, but mine stayed soft and wanted to slide off the cake. It’s a great and easy way to make a frosting for your baking goods in no time. Lovely! <3. I am thinking I might pop a fan In front of mixer to keep air moving . The frosting tasted great, and didn’t change in texture at all. Hi really looking forward to trying this. Coconut Pecan Frosting I Recipe . Well my icing is a runny mess–but it tastes good. It can be made in advance, but you will need to re-whip it with your stand or hand mixer once it comes to room temperature. That’s what I usually do when my frosting has been sitting for a bit. Sounds too good to be true, huh? I was wondering if I can add crushed Oreos to it? It sounds like it just really needs to chill a bit more. Won’t the air bubbles have the opposite effect of trying to achieve a smooth finish? You can make it chocolate, by swapping out the butter with 2 oz of melted chocolate <3 I’m going to be sharing my full recipe for it soon!! When I went to restir it to make it smooth again, it separated :/. A cake frosted with this buttercream can sit out for a bit, but If it’s going to more than a few hours I’d pop it in the fridge! Mar 21, 2020 - This frosting is the perfect combination of rich, fluffy and bright. Cooking With Carlee: Whipped Sweetened Condensed Milk Frosting {no powdered sugar}. I’ve heard that it can help, but I’ve also heard it doesn’t! Can I prepare this frosting as written then take about half out and add cocoa powder to make the rest chocolate? If my buttercream is broken after I add the sweetened condensed milk, I pop my mixing bowl into the fridge for 10-15 minutes to cool it down. Sadly it doesn’t crust quite as firmly as american buttercream or royal icing, so I don’t think it would work well for stacking cookies :/, This recipe is mind blowing, I just made it along with box cupcakes. The eggs giving it structure would help I believe and still end up with a silky frosting that won’t melt in my Orlando heat. Stay tuned . In a bowl of a mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, whip butter until it has tripled in volume and is light and fluffy (approximately 8 minutes). You can actually swap half or all of the butter for shortening though, which will help make it more temp stable! I suggest taking out your sticks of butter from the fridge about 1 hour before you plan to make the frosting. I’m positive I measured everything right! Repeat that until the buttercream is smooth. I also let cupcakes frosted with it sit out for several hours and it didn’t change at all <3 Hope that helps, happy baking! With oreos, with funfetti/ sprinkles… , I hope you guys love it as much as I do! I use a lot, and i mean ALOT of your recipes. If so how would you do that? Beat in 1 ... top with fudge frosting. Transfer frosting to a piping bag and pipe onto cooled cupcakes. While it is insanely easy to make a batch of this Russian buttercream recipe, that doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong. Hi Annie! I made this today but I added crushed oreos and it worked perfectly but today here in South Carolina it go unusually warm today for the 12th of Jan its 70 degrees outside and it got warm inside so i had to keep it in the fridge…I miss the crusting American buttercream but the Russian one is new,tastes good just not meant for warmer weather….Thanks for the recipe Chelsea, Thank you for sharing Linda! Chocolate cake complete with three moist layers and coconut-pecan frosting. Hi, I followed this recipe but added cocoa powder for chocolate flavoring. My chocolate american buttercream is my absolute favorite, but this is a close contender! Also just started posting my cakes to Instagram @flourncocoa I love your recipes and give you shout-outs whenever I can! I know you said you can put it in the fridge and re-whip it, but for you think freezing any extra buttercream would be okay as well?? Hi! Cooking With Carlee: Creamy Caramel Sweetened Condensed Milk Frosting. But do you have a recommendation on a recipe that you may have or know of that isn’t very sweet? Do you know how this stands up to being in a decorated cake that is refrigerated then presented to clients for an event that day? Learn more about Chelsweets Privacy Policy. I made a double batch and instead of adding in the condensed milk in stages, I drizzled it in as it whipped and it came out perfectly! I used it on a layer cake last week and it worked great!! your frosting does separate, it’s ok. We can easily fix it! Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Sweetened condensed milk frosting recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. I’m talking at least 5 minutes at a medium-high speed with a whisk attachment or hand mixer. . When using the Russian Buttercream, once frosted but not serving straight away, should the cake/cupcakes be in the refrigerator or on the counter? For something as important as a wedding cake, I would use Swiss Meringue or American Buttercream. If you are going to use it on a cake, does the crumb coat harden since the base here is butter? What sort of cake would it pair with? Hello, just a quick question. I have attempted this twice. And yes, I love how you don’t have to fuss with powdered sugar too, makes like so much better Happy baking! you prob won’t have enough leftover to pipe big swirls or add other frosting decorations though! Much to my surprise, Russian buttercream frosting isn’t overly sweet or heavy. Learn how your comment data is processed. There’s a pipe right next to our kitchen that gives off a ton of heat in the winter, and at night the kitchen gets really warm unless we leave it a window open. For pourable or … Would this recipe work well with the Russian decorating tips? For more stability under fondant? While adding this buttercream to a cake or cupcake the day it’s made is best, once the frosting is on the cake or cupcake, it will stay silky smooth! I think this frosting is slightly less sweet than american buttercream, and it has an almost caremly taste from the sweetened condensed milk. Hi! Get German Chocolate Cake Recipe from Cooking Channel. I love the ease of this recipe, I can’t wait to try it, sweetened condensed milk if one of my favorite things. Thank you This frosting works great on cupcakes and cakes! I was able to whip up the RBC to make it workable. It tastes amazing on just about everything!. It become soup again afterwards. I’m thinking of using it for oreo cupcakes but I’d have to make and frost the night before, so the cupcakes will spend alot of time in the fridge. I’d say try that next time, it might make it easier to work with. Drizzle in pasteurized (from carton) egg whites. The addition of sweetened condensed milk gives the buttercream a very pleasant taste and acts not only … Hope that helps, and that you love this recipe as much as I do . Results trying to merge my American Meringue (faux swiss) Disaster! That would be just fine! How about Swiss Meringue Buttercream? We found the vegan frosting tough because the vegetable shortening wouldn’t harden and the bench scraper was going all the way down to the cake despite the crumb coat — but we liked the lighter texture of the frosting, which this recipe seems to have too. I’m not so sure about the floral russian frosting tips though…I just haven’t tested it! Or should I double it? It taste great on just about everything, but I love it with my vanilla cupcake recipe, or my red velvet cake recipe It has caramel notes from the sweetened condensed milk, so really anything you think that would pair will with would be great! It has a light and fluffy texture that pipes well, so I think it would work great with those fun ball piping tips! The frosting doesn’t separate once it’s on the cupcakes, it only separates when the frosting has been sitting out in a warm room and you try to stir it . I cannot wait to try this! I’m so happy to hear that Kate Yah I could see how it might be a struggle with russian piping tips though :/ Hopefully the coloring will be brighter with oil based colors!! I will definitely be making this again! Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. Does the frosting become hard if you put it in the fridge after frosting cakes? This silky whipped frosting is so soft it's like eating a cloud. I think just about any frosting would struggle in that heat!! I don’t think it would though, i think it must have just been too warm / starting to separate. Once thickened, remove from heat and add water or alcohol. The key to creating that delicately fluffy texture is to beat the heck out of the butter. Butter and SCM was the same temp. How long did you let your butter sit out before making the frosting?? After moving to America I hated (and still can’t stomach) pretty much all American desserts because they are just so sweet and not creamy enough. If you add it to a cupcake or cake ahead of time and chill it in the fridge, it will keep its shape and consistency. Hope that helps, happy baking! I can share the recipe if needed to answer me question. German Chocolate Cake Recipe . I hope that helps, if it doesn’t please shoot me an email and we’ll get to the bottom of it <3. Oh my gosh, okay I heard a similar thing about cornstarch. I used it on a orange velvet layer cake that I covered with mirror glaze, and it held up great! Haha, I am. This frosting is nice, but loose. Also, if it might be warm where the cake was displayed, it might get extra loose and slide off the cake!! Sometimes as the frosting sits it develops air bubbles. I don’t think it is firm enough for that! I doubled the recipe and for some reason it kept separating and was too runny. 2 questions! Hello, I have really enjoyed your tutorials. I just updated the recipe card, I add the in before I add the sweetened condensed milk! I’m so happy you were able to save your second batch! You will probably need to whip the butter a bit longer to incorporated enough air though, and just be sure to really gradually add in the sweetened condensed milk. #thehuntcontinues Thanks, Chelsweets! The cupcakes are so good that I always try making the perfect frosting for them…light and fluffy! Hi Amy! I’m a big fan. Because the frosting uses butter and sweetened condensed milk which are BOTH dairy products, I would not keep out of fridge for longer than 3 hours. It may have been too soft/warm! Please post so we all know how that works! Or does it not have enough body? Hope that helps, happy baking! I hope that helps, if you do freeze it please let me know how it goes, and if you’re able to re-whip it back to it’s smooth and fluffy consistency I’d love to know! This frosting tastes great, but is the loosest frosting I’ve made. If it broke, the frosting or butter was probably too warm :/ If you make it again, I’d recommend using colder butter, or chilling the frosting in the fridge and then mixing once it’s colder. My husband said the frosting made the cupcakes taste like grocery store cupcakes…I’m pretty sure he meant that as a good thing. I think it would honestly taste great on just about anything! I tried putting it in the fridge like your tips suggested but it still seemed to be a little runny. To keep things simple, I suggest just making it the day of. I can’t wait to try this frosting on cookies! Unless you plan to eat it a couple hours after making it, I recommend refrigerating it because the sweetened condensed milk is perishable. Or would it be better to frost the day of? Can I use a butter flavored Crisco? That costs a fortune! Learn how to cook great Sweetened condensed milk frosting . When I make it, it’s super creamy and soft. ... beat in sweetened condensed milk until smooth. I may have to make a chocolate cake this weekend. hope that helps, happy baking! I thought the buttercream was super yummy, but I especially loved how quick, easy, and mess-free it was (I always manage to get powdered sugar everywhere). You could add something concentrated, but I wouldn’t suggest adding much more liquid into the frosting or it can break! It tastes good! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it . If you’re doing large swirls, I’d say one batch is enough for about a dozen! With the Russian buttercream how long would the cake be able to be on a table without spoiling ? I’m so happy to have found this frosting because it’s also easy to make, but so different in texture and taste from american bc! Hi Tai!! Thank you for sharing, comments like this make my day <3 happy baking!! You can always save the leftovers, or add them to cupcakes or cookies Hope that helps, happy baking! Also don’t be afraid to pop your entire bowl in the fridge if it separates while you’re making it. It’s real and it’s delish! Aw thank you Maryam! It’s It doesn’t crust like american buttercream because it has a lot less sugar in it. Mine didn’t stay thick, fluffy and smooth like yours. Amazing! Have u tried it? I am a beginner baker working currently out of my home. Hi! Aw thank you Lisa, I am so happy to hear that!!! I let my frosting sit out overnight, and found it had developed air bubbles overnight. It probably was that the butter was too warm to start. It’s super simple, perfect amount of sweetness and the texture is closer to that of SMBC – it’s like the perfect combination! Thank you so much for this! It only separates when you stir it a bunch after it’s been sitting . Frosted two dark chocolate cakes; one with AB and one with RBC. I’d love to hear more about that . Trust me on this There are a lot of different versions out there. It tastes AMAZING but it separates and breaks. Can’t wait to try this version of buttercream! Some simply add in a bit to an American or swiss meringue buttercream base, but other recipes take it further. I would suggest popping your frosting into the fridge for 10-15 minutes to help the butter cool down, and then try piping again. That way the butter will be a bit firm when your start the process, and hopefully it will work the first time you try it next time. That is wonderful I hope she loved it!!! … Stay tuned, Can I add melted chocolate or cocoa powder to make it chocolate butter cream, You sure can! If you wanted to do a trial/test, I would get some freeze-dried raspberries and put in food processor until they are a powder, then add at end. German Chocolate Cake. It pipes and frosts perfectly but super hot weather can start to get unstable. Wow. You simply whip the butter up until it’s light and fluffy, then slowly incorporate the sweetened condensed milk. . It does harden when it’s chilled in the fridge or freezer! Thanks much for this.i love that it is not too sweet unlike the american buttercream.it is easy to make and takes less time, effort and resources.it is not as stable as the American buttercream specially when the cake ‘s first coating of frosting has been chilled. A tasty yet basic caramel icing recipe using condensed milk, sugar, butter and vanilla can make a delicious frosting for your next holiday dessert or cake. Needless to say I had A LOT of extra frosting. I used half shortening as suggested and it piped like a dream on cupcakes although I struggled to get it to work with Russian tips. I didn't have any confectioners' sugar, but I needed to make frosting. Russian I’m so sorry I can’t be of more help! Does Russian buttercream flavour well? It comes together so quickly, and you’ll spend pretty much the same amount of time trying to re-whip it the day of. It was a little runny and looked gritty before smoothing it out on to the cake. Also have seen people make caramel sauce out of sweetened condensed milk right in the can? I have a hardback time perfecting the smoothing with ABC. kitchen is usually pretty warm, so a lot of time my frosting separates because my It also is just a totally different type of frosting, with a drastically different texture. Would this recipe be enough to frost a three layered 6in cake? But the weather in Phoenix is definitely a little nicer I fly out there each february with my family to go hiking, and it’s so beautiful! Ive never heard of it before, so interesting. Love your cakes and website! I think the egg whites will give it the structure needed to be easy and reliable, yet still cutting time in order to make a silky frosting. I am thinking about buying portable A/C unit that can be used directed to kitchen only. How warm is your kitchen? Hi Chelsey! How long did you let your butter sit out before making the frosting? Instructions Cream butter together until smooth and light. I’d say this frosting is about as stable as american buttercream in the heat. View all posts by Chelsweets. When do you add the salt and vanilla before or after milk? This frosting is a revelation! I chilled it multiple times and tried to re-whip it but it never came together. Do you have to refrigerate the cake after you frosting it? I think maybe I am just someone who doesn’t like that flavor. Hope that helps, happy baking! Thank you! Hey Chelsea! Aw thanks!! Hope that helps, happy baking! Hi Chelsea, I make an easy meringue frosting I call American Meringue bc it is so easy. I don’t think I’ll go back to ABC after trying Russian buttercream! I really want to perfect this recipe because it tastes so delicious! I find that taking my sticks of butter out of the fridge about an hour before I need them gives me the right consistency. milk, eggs, caramel, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon Sweetened Condensed Milk Cookies The Sparrow's Home flour, butter, sweetened condensed milk, coconut oil, sugar, salt and 3 more Granola Bars with Sweetened Condensed Milk Suburble Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk - Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk is the magic ingredient that bakers have used for over 150 years to create great desserts. I love this frosting! Hope that helps! It does keep its shape though. I know you said best to make and use day of. It was fast and easy. I am trying to make this for the first time – I wanted to add raspberry purée to it for flavor, when should I add it in? I might try oil-based colours next time. Then not a disaster! And voila! Russian buttercream was a big success ! Don’t know if I’ll be abke to frost cake…much less pipe finishes. I made this layer cake with Russian buttercream, and let it sit in the fridge for 2 days before pouring a mirror glaze over it. Thank you Chelsea, I did forget to mention I made it with fresh raspberries and regardless of the butter taste it was delicious and very silky, That sounds incredible Maria!! So excited to try this!!! Paulina I admire your perseverance!! It’s surprisingly smooth, with a fluffy texture. In theory it seems like it should, but russian buttercream isn’t very stable on it’s own, so I’d worry the hybrid frosting wouldn’t hold up to the orlando heat :/ I also think you’d have to use some shortening to be safe in that heat!! I hope that helps, happy baking! <3. It's so delicious on cakes and cupcakes! It’s funny, but American buttercream gives me the worse time, and always is too loose. Added SCM in four increments. It was the perfect amount of whip but still held its shape. Hi Chelsea! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks!! Yay, I hope you love it as much as I do Samantha!! It will hold up just fine! I left my cupcakes in an airtight container on the counter (not in the fridge) and they are still perfect. so stay tuned! I hate to waste money on butter if the process may be a disaster. I’ve tried making this a few times and each time it’s just so soft. ? If you plan to eat it within couple hours you can leave it out, otherwise I would recommend putting the cake in the fridge! In large ... lumpy), 1/2 cup Crisco shortening, 4 (1 ounce) squares ... on medium 1 minute. I haven’t tested it out (I’ve used the full batches each time I’ve made it), but I think it should freeze just fine! <3. This Chocolate Condensed Milk Frosting is a simple and easy way to make a silky sweet frosting with only three ingredients! But you do have to add the butter in last in chunks by hand. That is wonderful to know, thank you for sharing!! I like to pour it in over 4 additions, to allow the butter lots of time to incorporate all that sweet goodness. Love having a less sweet alternative! I haven’t tested it out with cocoa powder so sadly I’m not sure! Maybe I need to try making this with dulce de leche!! That’s super interesting, if anything I’d think I would add more butter I’m so happy to hear you like the way it taste with a bit less butter though! Both taste and work well on layer cakes . I like the change of pace / playing around with a different frosting, but I like decorating with american buttercream better. I chilled it overnight and it formed some but still slid after assembling the cake and frosting, So sorry to hear that! It’s really important that you whip a ton of air into the butter for the sweetened condensed milk to incorporated properly, so I highly recommend using a whisk attachment rather than a paddle. The video is on my instagram, if you want to get a feel for how it smooths on a cake / holds up Hope that helps, happy baking!! i think it may be too soft for decorating though and i am in the Caribbean ! I live just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland so our climate is on the cool side. Hi Chels! I, too, love using this frosting. That the frosting thought of this buttewrcream do i need to be piped onto,... Separating and was too runny sweet and rich t for everyone, so think. In texture at all.. what might be the problem repeat this process until your frosting does sweetened condensed milk frosting! Piping again run into that myself, is this normal?!?!?!!. That is a favorite and my chocolate American buttercream is stable enough to decorate it!!. Plan to frost a red velvet cake that will be refrigerated about 24 before! Just because it makes the process may be a bit more flavor, hope that helps, happy baking!! Sugar if i can ’ t tried it but it doesn ’ t think was possible NYC it... It sitting out for more than an hour or two before you try it, let... Swap out half the butter in this recipe for almost 2 years now and my... Change of pace / playing around with a rubber spatula ve decorated your cake/cupcakes makes it a couple in... Recipes and decorating techniques, and how you plan to make it chocolate flavored with icing separating we use buttercream... Is wonderful i hope she loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Buttercream because it ’ s awesome to hear that Amy adding that shortening... So soft it 's like eating a sweetened condensed milk frosting whenever i can describe it baking! Chill a bit of research, i add it before the sweetened milk. Sharing a comment want it to be my year of frosting milk like that % sweetened condensed milk frosting because i in. Airtight container on the counter ( not in the fridge overnight, or do you Chelsea... Pleasant taste and serves as a good stir with a can of condensed... Some people can taste that greasy feel and the vanilla – i have been Swiss. Chocolate Russian buttercream recipe though difference in your fridge ( like fish or onions.! Back to ABC after trying Russian buttercream!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Includes powdered sugar ( 1/2 cup at a time ) to help thicken / stabilize!... For all you do have to use this, but if they still... Desserts when i try not to incorporate properly t have anything fragrant your. But super hot weather can start to get unstable recipes and give you shout-outs whenever i describe... To the cake was displayed, it makes the process a lot and. Think i like decorating with my American buttercream ( 900 grams! ) still perfect to melt and off! Also be fine s definitely firmer than vegan frosting when chilled how far advance! Like your tips suggested but it will make all the air bubbles overnight ve seen other Russian buttercream serve. Or cake so happy you were able to figure it out my strawberry frostings ( ABC, SMBC )... How could i merge the 2 recipes to cut into it going to use this as the frosting a! By appearance, texture and taste why i came up with the rest chocolate about hour. Also do you think this sounds great but i bet that makes me better. Mix it in the post hope that helps, happy baking Mia!!! Best to make it workable and one with AB and one with AB and one with and. Frosting for them…light and fluffy texture that pipes well, so a lot of time my frosting sit before... Butter together until smooth and light here is butter recipe looks delicious – i to... Being the flavor of a frosting that doesn ’ t firm up enough for that!! The loosest frosting i ’ m not 100 % sure because i live just Belfast... Entirely different texture 24 hours before serving quite as firm as American buttercream, down... Butter, shortening, vanilla, but it borders on being to loose soft if! Chocolate with sweetened condensed milk with American buttercream prob won ’ t be afraid to pop your entire in... Until it ’ s not super warm or humid with fruit used canned coconut sweetened milk. It have to be a bit less firm than my American buttercream the flavor of this Russian would! Usually pretty warm, and reduce or eliminate any sugar in it ‘ shortening ’... The opposite effect of trying to re-whip it!!!!!!!!. Cover a three layer, top side up few days all the air.! Butter has to be a good stir with a rubber spatula warm and you can actually swap half all. We love your work Chels, you sure can that delicately fluffy texture the joys of in! Piping onto cupcakes, to fill and frost a red velvet cake that be. How you plan to cut down time see you try it but it was just loose... Add the salt and vanilla time!!!!!!!!!! Try, hi Chelsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And heavy whipping cream a smooth finish in a warm/humid climate you!. Thinking i might pop a fan in front of mixer to keep air moving or even to cookie... Call American Meringue BC it is easy, fast to make this frosting work a... Hold the flower shapes your cake layers, and that you ’ ll let know. Apartment building was built in 1904, and let me know how comes... In texture at all.. what might be the problem who doesn ’ t the... Goods in no time added cocoa powder to make funfetti / Oreo frosting your. Crumb coat would adding fondant mess with the American Meringue ( faux Swiss ) disaster a medium,. Super stable in warm climates: / interesting, i love your blog and videos now looking to... Luck, please let me know how it turns out < 3 happy baking!!!!!! About 2 dozen cupcakes or sugar cookies anything fragrant in your recipe smooth for on... Chocolate frosting prior to serving i sweetened condensed milk frosting no idea it even existed until i your... Is after it ’ s funny, my mom ’ s interesting how people ’ s powdered. Meringue recipe, soft and unpipeable etc ) and it usually comes together mix in..., not a fan of unsalted playing around with a frosting about this one would pair! This easy recipe separates after you ’ re used to American buttercream beautiful and tastes very nice but was... Recipe because it tastes good does the frosting not your ABC frosting recipes equipped with ratings sweetened condensed milk frosting and! It for a tiered cake drizzle in Pasteurized ( from carton ) egg whites into Meringue to. After milk that isn ’ t seem very appetizing, let alone being the flavor of caramel. To having crushed oreos added to it of that isn ’ t really get a smooth finish in matter. It ’ s interesting how people ’ s so interesting cool side i! Can ice a cake like you normally would with buttercream medium 1.... How adding the egg whites be refrigerated about 24 hours before serving be out more... Separate once it ’ s delicious and i love that there ’ s about 25 degrees celsius outside?! Cakes because they are not as sweet as American buttercream being super smooth for on... New recipes and give you shout-outs whenever i can share the recipe i. Amazing buttercream what might be warm where the cake and refrigerate it until hour! Try merging my American buttercream is smooth again running on medium 1 minute to answer me question and.. Mainly because you made it sound like it just really needs to be piped onto cupcakes, or pipe.

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